Hesham Saad Al-Sherbiny: Sustainability Charter and Transition to Green Veto

Arabian Steel Industries Technical Advisor

Let’s first begin by clarifying the meaning of the right of veto, as the origin of the word veto goes back to the Latin language, which means “I object”, and its meaning became more common after the end of World War II and the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, and the word “veto” did not appear in the Charter of the United Nations, but the word “right of veto”, which is, in fact, an “abortion right” of the resolution, not just an objection.

And the announcement of the United Nations sustainability charter is an important precursor to executing a sustainability initiative or program.

all over the world where a charter often serves as a nation’s constitution and its contents are commonly included in the Executive Summary of a sustainability project plan.

where a charter spells out an organization’s structure and goals.

In addition to what world leaders have declared, they agree on describing the climate issue as a “battle for survival” but disagree on “costs and who bears the bill “.

I would like to add here that environmental pollution is an issue that does not concern only developing countries, but more concerns all future generations, as it has become an issue that has a past, present, and future, and that one of the most important challenges facing green United Nations

First, for the past, there must be compensation for all damages that have been proven, declared, and clear to all, and the parties responsible are known.

Second, for the present, it is also proven that proposed solutions or “short-term projects” need time and funding, whether it is funding for new or existing transformational projects, in order to reduce emissions.

Thirdly, for the future or “long-term projects”, and the responsibility of the international community towards future generations, generations of the green future, in terms of the importance of preparing from now for construction …

Building a sustainable green future… And agree that the world on pollution issues is one world without borders and that investing in this construction is the only option, not borrowing.

And as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, we need to declare a charter for sustainability, green sustainability, and I hoped that this would be announced through the Sharm el-Sheikh conference, and I think that we desperately need to shift the concerns of the United Nations “UN” from political concerns to green or sustainable concerns to be (GUN) or the United Nations (Green United Nations).

Therefore, the Green United Nations should declare a sustainability charter, which should include giving the right of veto, I mean green veto, over all resolutions, and it is an inherent right of the affected party, or developing countries, who have the right to represent future generations.

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