Projects and Sustainable Technologies for Achieving Water Security in Africa

Habiba Gamal

Emanuel Olet, Chief water resources development officer at the African Development Bank, stated that 411 million people still lack basic drinking water services, 779 million lack basic sanitation services

Water contamination and pollution of water bodies and the lack of water treatment facilities ; Inadequate water technologies are main challenges facing water industry in 2022.

He also blamed African environment for weak enabling and hindering the development of sustainable financing models.

AFDB was able to Increase number of water-secure countries in Africa benefiting from equitable and sustainable management of water resources for quality socio-economic transformation.

Olet mentioned some of the ongoing projects of the bank around Africa:

A growing number of Public Private Partnership type projects are coming to market

Bulk water supply projects at different stages of procurement in Gabon, Egypt, Morocco, Rwanda and Botswana

Municipal solid waste management projects in Angola and Rwanda

Small scale community water supply projects are emerging on an ‘off-grid’ arrangement with mobile water treatment plants, powered with solar energy in rural communities driven by pre-paid meters to mitigate market and collection risk

Egypt is one of the main focuses now with an investment of 625 million dollars.

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