DR.Ahmed Hany: The Limits of Environmental Acclimatization

Professor of Allergy, Chest and Environmental Medicine

Acclimatization is the alternative strategy that the poor countries may take to face climate changes as the rich countries break their promises to finance the environmental reform.

Despite it saved some species from extinction acclimatization has biological and social limits beyond which the process fails endangering the life of living creatures.

The biological limits have upper and lower levels for physical and chemical changes of the surrounding environment.

Temperature should not exceed a certain degree and the presence of water and food are essential factors to be present.

In most African countries the rise of climate temperature is not a problem except when it causes droughts.

People there have their home styles that protect them from high temperature and the melanin in their skin protect them from sun rays.

Therefore their problem mainly is the draughts that affect water and food supply.

Simply water projects and desalination should be their priority leaving the emission problems for the big polluters.

Endemic diseases is another problem.

The Western countries only spend on researches of vaccines and drugs when they are affected by these diseases.

Among the endemic non infectious diseases is the malnutrition.

Childhood mortality is another health problem.

The solution is to use machines to cultivate more lands to solve food problems and to have sanitary waste disposal.

At the same time the cooperation between these countries to develop vaccines and drugs should be a priority.

If we enumerate the problems of the poor countries we can say water, food, sanitary houses, and medicines.

All have nothing to do with the climate changes that the rich countries did it and complain of it.

These rich countries want the poor countries that participated in tiny amount of emission to share in solving the problem.

We have a biological rule that is if acclimatization fails the creature move to a more favorable area to save its life.

In human being communities both biological and social factors play to either acclimatize or to fail and immigrate.

Civilization is one way and it is hard for humans to leave commodities that they are accustomed for living with them.

For instance the Europeans go rioting because there is a possibility that during this winter they may witness a shortage of gas and the electricity bills will go high.

People in north China and Siberia are accustomed to that cold weather without electrical appliances.

This is social acclimatization which will instigate trouble in Europe and do nothing in other places.

People in poor countries have aspiration to live better life.

When they fail to solve the problems of food and water and spare themselves the risks of civil wars they move to other areas.

Youth may decide to move for better life while they are acclimatized biologically but the social drive makes them immigrate.

The Europeans made their wealth out from occupying the colonies and as long as they do not help these countries to develop there will be immigration wave.

Famines and droughts in Africa and the inability of governments to solve blocks any strategy and there will be no chance for acclimatization to work.

The instability created by terrorist groups that big powers use to control resources will add to the drives that initiate a migration wave to Europe.


The alternative strategy to zero emission is acclimatization and the Africans need this strategy more than anything.

They have to solve water and food problems. The endemic diseases is another problems.

If the rich countries help them to overcome these problems as the cost is much less than zero emission strategy stability will be achieved and problems of immigration will be spared.

After all poor countries are not responsible for carbon dioxide emission and they have not the means to solve this problem.

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