DR.Ahmed Hany: COP27… What are the achievements and what next ?

The Egyptian coastal city Sharm-El-Sheikh won a new title, the Green City after the Conference of Partners 27, COP27 was successfully organized and held.

The famous city where many peace conferences were held, is also known as the City of Peace.

Glasgow was the city where international delegates met last year in COP26, nevertheless Britain neglected its role as a leader of environmental reform until Egypt replaced it as an organizer and leader to fix what the rich and advanced countries did for the climate.

Liz Truss the ousted PM decided not to come to Egypt and to participate with a low profile delegate and prevented King Charles III from attending the conference despite his enthusiasm in environmental issues and being one of the environmentalist leaders of the world.

When Richi Sunak replaced her in office he was hesitant to come to Egypt, even he said that he would not participate in a conference in a third world country, however when President Biden phoned him he decided to come to Sharm-El-Sheikh city.

In fact he did not provide but a promise that his country would cooperate and abide to its financial obligations to help poor countries. In fact he came to ruin the conference by asking the release of a terrorist and his request was turned down.

Apparently it is clear that he did not remember what the former British PMs Cameron and May said when they had to confront riots and chaos. They said frankly when it comes to national security, there is no place for human rights.

One major achievement of COP27 is that the rich countries showed some more seriousness to aid poor countries to combat pollution and to leave fossil fuel and even to invest in Green Hydrogen in Africa and other poor countries.

The drought that hit Europe in the summer and other climate related catastrophes made the rich countries to seriously think about dealing with the impacts of harmful gas emissions. However the allocated money still short of the needed sum to avert the damage induced by the huge emitted harmful gases from the factories of the advanced countries.

There were agreements about building wind and solar compounds to produce electricity to use it to have hydrogen out of the water.

That means the rich countries decided to invest in the geography of the poor countries where solar and winds are strong enough to move turbines.

It is better for the third world countries to studying pricing and to decide the amount needed for their industrialization and other development projects or the hydrogen produced will go to the advanced countries leaving the poor countries in need of clean energy.

Industrialization should be considered a right of the developing countries that should be respected by the advanced world.

Economic issues may take a turn if the rich countries consider the financial aid to the poor as compensations for the damage they did to climate or at least they revoke the debts.

China that still considers itself a developing country sympathizes with that mechanism and declared its willingness to help poor countries.

During the last thirty years the West moved most of its major pollutant factories to China and now after gaining huge profits they ask China to reduce emissions that come from their factories there.

In fact the Western companies that moved to China helped the country to be a big economic power with positive trade balance and that situation irritated the Western countries especially the US that went into a trade war with the emerging big power that poses a threat to its hegemony.

Poor countries should ask the donors to transfer technologies that use clean energy not to lose their future investment if they export Green Hydrogen while they will be using fossil fuel for decades until they can replace it later with Hydrogen.

One of the financial aid methods is the Carbon Exchange that means the more a poor country leaves fossil fuel and uses clean energy the more it gets aids.

However the aids should not be considered debts or the vicious cycle of poverty will continue instead of the sustainable development.

The rich world especially the West should know that it is responsible for the global rise of temperature and as a matter of fact they built their wealth by colonizing the poor countries and using their resources.

Frankly all calls in the past for economic aids to fix the environmental damage fell in deaf ears.

However the situation changed after draughts in Europe and the new global balance that began with the Russian-Ukraine war and the willingness of China and Russia to have a greater global role particularly in Africa and Asia and that changed the situation in favor of the third world countries.

The rounds held to talk about the health sector and food showed that the climate changes are the first threat for the coming generation.

Discussion about warming and its impact on human and animal health concluded that infectious diseases and animal born diseases will spread more by desertification, draughts and other environmental catastrophes that force people and animals to move to other heavy populated areas with weak infrastructure.

The food crises was also investigated and modernization of agriculture systems are desperately needed to solve the hunger and famine problems.

Modernization of agricultural system help much to reduce the carbon dioxide and methane emitted and will reduce the water needed for the whole processes.

New methods of food industry that use more plants may help much to solve the problem of food scarcity and reduce the carbon footprint.

The scientists will have heavy duty to devise simple methods to calculate and reduce the carbon footprints so that they could be applied everywhere.

Recycling technology is a field that some advanced countries pioneered and it is their duty to transfer it to the poor countries and to establish recycling industries.

Plastic products are a land pollutant and a threat to Aquarian life.

Coral reefs play an important role to get rid of carbon dioxide and plastic products in ocean affects them drastically.

Both climate changes and plastic pollution are threats to the biodiversity in land and oceans.

Accommodation to the present environmental condition until solutions are applied is an important field that need new technologies and aids.

Without accommodation the poor nations will suffer from the impacts of the climate changes for a long time until they go into a vicious circle of poverty, illness and destruction.

The rich nations will suffer more moves of immigration.

Unfortunately the COP27 did not discuss security problems in the poor countries that prevent development and force people to immigrate.

This may be the cause of the failure of plans to improve environmental conditions in Africa.

Or it may be a cause for the rich countries not to abide to their promises until solving the security problems that made and financed by them to control the resources of poor unstable countries.

The impact of wars on the environment was not discussed also.

The mass destructive weapons are prohibited according to international agreements. However, what it is about the use of uranium or tactical nuclear weapons.

There are reports that the US used uranium polluted bombs in Iraq and many babies were born with deformities after the American invasion.

Security problems are the main threats to the plans to fix the climate and to avert the hazards.

From now until COP28 in Emirates, it is the moment of truth.

The rich world and big forces either move forward sincerely and not politicizing aids and applying the double standard policies or the planet earth will gradually lose its suitability for human life.

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