Converting more than 100 schools in Luxor and Aswan to operate on solar energy

 EFG Hermes Foundation and Head of CSR at EFG Hermes Holding said: “We’re very happy to be contributing towards sustainable education through renewables in Luxor and Aswan.

By providing schools with clean energy, students are guaranteed no interruptions to their school activities, and by reducing carbon emissions, they can learn in a healthy and safe environment.

It’s also an opportunity to create awareness in the classroom on the impact and value of transitioning to clean energy and create a conversation around climate change.

We foresee it also opening doors for youth in the field of maintenance and installation services, which will need to be availed for the solar panels systems. It’s an exciting step towards a positive impact that builds a better future.”

The EFG Hermes Foundation has been operational since 2006 in the field of integrated development through partnerships with the Egyptian government, Egyptian education bodies, healthcare providers, and local civil society in Upper Egypt’s governorates, perceived as the most in need areas of development funds.

It focuses on education, health, food security, poverty reduction, housing, drinking water and sanitation, and economic empowerment.

Earlier this year, the EFG Hermes Foundation for Social Development entered into an MoU with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to impact the lives of 15,000 people with the rehabilitation of an additional 30 homes in El Deir, Esna and development of waste management infrastructure in Naga’ El Fawal area in the same village.

The project is part of an EGP 70 million Integrated Development Project in alignment with the UN SDGs to develop and revamp the rural communities of the Luxor governorate.

Since 2011, EFG Hermes Holding has been making strides to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into all aspects of its operations.

The Firm seeks to align its development frameworks with the best international standards and practices, such as the United Nations’ 17 SDGs.

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