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Registration is now open for pavilion and side event reservations in the COP27 Green Zone

Register to reserve the suites through the conference presidency website

Asmaa Badr

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, announced the opening of reservations for pavilions and side events in the green zone of the COP27 climate conference, for those wishing to participate in the conference from youth, NGOs, and corporate organizations from Egypt and the world, which will be held in the Peace Park in Sharm El-Sheikh during the climate conference.

The Minister of Environment confirmed that the reservation for participation in the Green Zone will be in accordance with rules and requirements that guarantee honorable representation and present the best success stories and distinctive environmental experiences, which are a realistic model for application that can be replicated and benefited from on a larger scale locally and globally.

Fouad explained that the Green Zone is dedicated to exhibitions and side events, held by the private sector, civil society, youth and various ministries to present success stories, projects, innovations and products related to addressing the effects of climate change, in addition to musical, artistic and exhibition performances to raise awareness of the issue of climate change and its importance to humans.

This came during the Minister’s inspection tour of the Green Zone, following up on the arrival and installation of structures and murals for the establishment of exhibitions, registration offices and services in the participating countries during the conference, as well as following up on the infrastructure construction of that area, and also inspected the Peace Park, to see the development work in it to represent a civilized image in Egypt before the world during Climate Conference The Minister of Environment reviewed the development work in the park, the most important of which is raising the efficiency of the park in addition to the halls designated for holding side events during the conference, in addition to setting up a Bedouin tent, restaurants and cafeterias to provide various services for visitors that ensure an environmental experience that mixes scientific and practical benefit and enjoyment of nature.

The Minister of Environment stressed that Egypt gives the Green Zone an opportunity for youth, women and civil society from the world to make this a comprehensive conference that includes all parties to present national and new republic projects, and the conference management is keen on the importance of the presence of the private sector to accelerate the pace of climate action.

It is worth mentioning that the Green Zone consists of various areas for display and side events, and presentation of success stories of Egyptian state projects, as well as innovation and science, and others for sponsors, in addition to an exhibition for the local community to enhance community participation in various events, and others. Registration is done via the following link:

Blue area

Dr. Yasmine Fouad conducted an inspection visit to the blue area; To find out the latest developments in the construction work and the extent of developments in it, from completing the parking lots, ensuring the access of all services in the region, and following up on the work of the halls and equipping them with the latest technologies, in order to present a real and realistic model of sustainable environmental compatibility for the world so that the climate conference in Egypt constitutes a picture of environmental compatibility in all Its logistical, technical and technical dimensions, stressing the need to intensify the work to complete it in the appropriate time in preparation for the activities of the Climate Conference in Sharm El Sheikh next November.

The Minister also visited the Training Center and followed up the work of raising efficiency there and the final works in the surrounding area. In preparation for its exploitation for the purposes of scientific research and specialized training, in partnership with universities and research centers, she confirmed that the Nature Conservation Training Center will be one of the most important and famous training centers specialized in the fields of environment, nature and biodiversity in the region and a supportive pillar for the scientific tourism file.

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