(Teleborsa) – “Innovatec Power is a system integrator that deals with energy efficiency for companies at 360 degrees.

With a holistic approach we identify what are the best technological solutions to improve the company’s energy performance.

So Innovatec Power has a primary operator role within the Italian panorama and above all it has a leading role within all the realities that are present at the fair, as it is able to integrate everything you can find around it in a performance improvement for businesses.

Stefano Gasparini, Chief Executive Officer of Innovatec Power, told Teleborsa on the occasion of the Key Energy fair in Rimini.

The subsidiary of Innovatec, listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the sectors of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, argues that when talking about energy transition we need to move from the focus on cost to that on profit.

“Energy has always been seen as a cost and it is a cost that has always been more important, especially in recent times – explained Gasparini – And this has affected the competitiveness of Italian companies in the rest of the world, while going towards efficiency energy, therefore improving energy performance, means giving a drastic reduction to the general costs of companies and in particular those of energy”.

“By removing 30-40% of energy costs we are able to improve the EBITDA of the companies themselves by 3-4 percentage points, this then depends on the type of intervention we are going to do – underlined the manager – We know very well that it is normally difficult to recover 2-3 percentage points of EBITDA and with an energy efficiency intervention this is much easier”.

“Clearly, it is necessary to have a solid reality as a partner, with certified engineers, with many years of experience, capable of having a concrete impact on the company’s energy-intensive dynamics”, concluded Gasparini.

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