Hesham Saad Al-Sherbiny:3 Ps and GLC Technology

Arabian Steel Industries Technical Advisor


The sustainability matrix consists of four basic elements that   can be stated as follows:

(Economic – social – environmental – technological)

Where technological element is considered as the main driver of all elements of the matrix toward of achieving the goals of sustainable development. The objective of sustainable development is also considered to be the framework for actions to be applied as it states by Goal 12 of importance which is

“Ensuring the existence of (sustainable consumption and production patterns) as a prerequisite for sustainable development”


We can adopt three main axes for the development of the technological element and their statement  is as follows:

” ( Product ) – ( Production ) – ( Process ) “, … Or the (3Ps) and accordingly the following goals can be determined and the applied to achieve them for each axis…

First… Regarding the axis of, … (Product)

… The Product must be defined as a (green product) … Meaning that it has the possibility of permanent recycle … In addition to achieving (zero waste).  Through the possibilities of, first (reuse) ,  second (reduce) i.e., with the possibility of reducing consumption,  third and finally the ability to recover material  i.e. able to achieve the goal of (zero waste) or zero losses.

Secondly… Regarding the axis of, …  (Production)

… The Production must be able to achieve the principle of lean production, which means that the core of a production line is able to integrate between all stages and avoid the stages of storage (semi product) and re-operate it between processes units.

Thirdly… Regarding the axis of, … ( Process )

… The processes must be in accordance with the requirements and needs of sustainability in terms of being  (clean process)  i.e.  using sources of renewable energies and green gases such as (Green hydrogen) and the let that achieved the goal of (Zero emission), next to (Zero liquid discharge, ZLD)…, It also has the possibility of applying energy recovery.

Thus, (GLC, Green – Lean – Clean) can be launched on those technologies …

Or sustainable (production/manufacturing) technology.

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