Hesham Saad Al-Sherbiny: Sustainability and International Environmental Arbitration

Arabian Steel Industries Technical Advisor

Recently, we have seen many discussions taking place on green arbitration where experts and stakeholders are trying to adopt best practices to reduce carbon footprints and reduce the environmental damage that occurs during the arbitration.

When presenting contemporary scenarios, our cognitive performance structure is based on scenarios that act as catalysts in making an impact on the environment and natural resources.

Making CSR and SDGs (economic, social, and governance) are some of the steps organizations take to protect the environment. Even the courts have taken a few initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint.

At the same time, international arbitration began with green arbitration procedures because traditional methods of conducting arbitration are detrimental to the environment.

In addition, companies are gradually making commitments

“Net zeros, zero-emission – zero waste” Rethink its activities and operate in a regulatory landscape committed to increasing environmental, social, and governance responsibilities.

Arguably, what we fail to grasp right now is the fact that our actions today will have far-reaching consequences for generations to come.

In recent decades, it is clear that the will of all countries in the world to try to do something more positive to help save the planet has started from the United Nations to the European Commission, passing through the various conventions, conventions, and protocols of many countries, where each sector seems to be evolving towards a greener and more ecological direction.

All sectors seek except one, which is the legal sector, From the point of view of the revolution of transformation to sustainability, despite its fundamental importance, it has not been much later than the following events, as it has only started to talk about the sustainability revolution in the last couple of years.

It also seems that everything has not yet begun in the world of international arbitration and mediation, … Where it can be noted that this sector … is still seriously late and needs a radical change in its being. For this reason,we can”Campaign for the International Environmental Arbitration”.

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