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Cop28 Dubai would deal strongly with current climate challenges and Energy crisis aspects

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : UAE seeks an influential summit that "changes the rules of the game".

Interview : Mohamed.E.Darwish

We need developing countries to step into this new climate system and we need to support this transition for them.

Financing will be crucial at COP28.”

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm Founder & CEO of ICEPS CTC Bonn.

Author of the Bonn Climate Project, present his insights in coming cop 28 outcomes and potential green hydrogen impacts in achieving cheap and affordable energy as bridge to reach climate neutrality to avoid climate catastrophe, if temperature planet exceeded 2 Celsius degree by mid century

– Developed countries are looking for ways to support developing countries in climate protection?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : The UAE seeks an influential summit that “changes the rules of the game”.

We need developing countries to step into this new climate system and we need to support this transition for them. Financing will be crucial at COP28.”

In addition to the necessary financing of the measures, simple and inexpensive technologies are needed above all for feasibility.

This means that green hydrogen can be produced directly in the country at low cost.


Climate protection will only work if the technologies are cheap.

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm

It “changes the rules of the game”. COP 28 provides the answers?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : Only then can inexpensive green hydrogen be produced.

Clean and affordable energy is the big issue for all developing countries. This is what we have to work on and what we have to present and communicate at COP 28.

The fact is, however, that there is no more money from the industrialized countries due to the economic misery, especially in Europe.

In general, I have noticed for many years that the necessary and promised international climate protection does not work at all and is not financed.

It is clear that only the Gulf countries can finance energy infrastructure development in African countries.

They will continue to supply the energy, as long as it is not produced in the country itself.

We need climate protection; we need renewable energies, that is the daily demand of many governments.

However, as soon as a measure costs money, we no longer need it.

In this respect, climate protection can only work if the clean energy produced does not cost more money than conventional energies.

Otherwise the consumer will not buy, because he cannot pay.

That is the view of consumers worldwide.

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm

Climate protection will only work with clean and affordable energy for all. Agree with that?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : Enclosed information specifically on international climate protection with hydrogen and with a view to developing countries.

At COP 27 I already spoke about it, , at COP 28 it is still important to speak about it and to communicate in a big way what needs to be done in the developing countries.

You will find essential information in the enclosed presentation.

-can we save our climate after all – and with it our world?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : It is just as important that we can finally develop the developing countries with these aforementioned measures. Only in this way will it work.

Renewable energies in the form of wind power and PV or instead affordable clean and green/blue hydrogen gases from natural gas, oil and conventional hydrocarbon resources

OPTION DE “changes the rules of the game”

– What initiatives should the Gulf States take to use their renewable energy resources?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : I suggest, in particular, to be open to technology and to launch an H2 initiative based on that.

The headline must be clean and affordable energy for all.

And to work in the material cycle and combine it with a hydrogen economy.

Then it will work perfectly and we can continue to export hydrogen to Germany and the EU, and to the developing countries. This is what we have to work on.

In the Gulf countries, in addition to solar energy and green hydrogen from it, blue hydrogen from natural gas should also be considered.

Furthermore, biomass in the form of organic waste can and should also be used as a basis for the production of green hydrogen, so that biomass waste dissapears and one works in the necessary circular economy instead of dumping waste.

The immediate future is definitely to produce clean and affordable energy for the population of the Gulf States and the MENA region and for the developing countries.

There are 2 big camps in the energy world?

– Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : Yeah, The electricity industry

This one wants to produce and sell only electric power.

These are the inventors of the so-called renewable energies.

In particular wind power and PV electricity is to be produced and their plants sold.

The whole invention and development of renewable energies goes back to 1995, here in Bonn.

In addition, there is now and will continue to be the production of green hydrogen, exclusively via electrolysis.

This also belongs to the electricity industry and the electricity lobby, this green hydrogen.

However, it is too expensive to produce and will not be successful.

It has nothing to do with a gas economy.

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm added another thing to consider is the enormous amount of water needed to produce green hydrogen via water electrolysis.

This is impossible to realize, there is no water in many African countries.

It is first and foremost about business. For German industry and for other industrialized countries, right?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : Everything else should and will be blocked, especially gases of all kinds as well as hydrogen gases from natural gas, oil, coal, peat, wood and other elements containing hydrocarbons, although this is the only way Germany and many countries in the world could develop into industrialized countries.

The 2nd camp or the wider area of energy production and supply.

The gas industry, the petrochemical industry with oil and natural gas.

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm

The Gulf States and the entire OPEC countries are affected and must reinvent themselves?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm : It remains crucial for success in global climate protection with hydrogen, in particular close cooperation with German H2 technologies of all kinds and the resources of the Arab countries in terms of hydrocarbon elements, i.e. oil, natural gas and their derivatives.

An energy mix is recommended. The mixture of so-called renewable energies from the electricity industry with the use of conventional energies. This will be a success?

Mr. Heinz J. Sturm: Many alternative technologies for the production of energy in the form of clean hydrogen as a basis are available, we have to link them with their reserves of liquid, solid and gaseous energies from your countries.

Bonn and Dubai / Abu Dhabi are the hotspot in international climate protection.

There are no other options and alternatives worldwide to the two cities and countries.

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