Hesham Saad Al-Sherbiny:Sun of Sustainability and sustainable development criteria

Arabian Steel Industries Technical Advisor

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets current needs, without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs, and can be based on the following five pillars …

1st Development of living standards

By providing residential buildings and various facilities to meet the social and economic needs of the community, in addition to empowering communities in terms of health and safety, with the importance of urban design, and landscape engineering that supports physical activity, social participation, and effective planning.

2nd Providing opportunities for circular economic growth.

By providing opportunities for the community to achieve diverse teaching and learning systems, creating diverse job opportunities that meet the needs of the community, as well as encouraging the production and purchase of environmentally friendly goods. In addition to enabling sustainable investment, ensuring the interdependence between business and society encourages resource efficiency and reduces the life cycle cost.

3rd Strengthening and raising the level of environmental quality in accordance with environmental justice.

By reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, various pollutants to the land, water, and atmosphere. Promote environmentally efficient systems for water and wastewater management and reuse; Sustainable energy generation, distribution, waste control and recycling, and promoting more efficient resources in the life cycle,

4th Excellence in environmentally compatible designs

By striving to adapt effectively to changing climate conditions, environment, and environmental conditions. While providing high-quality building forms, and climate-friendly landscapes, and preserving cultural heritage and archaeological assets.

5th Prudent leadership and strong governance

Facilitate a coordinated methodology between the public and private good across all sectors, establish a transparent and accountable decision-making and decision-making process, and develop practically feasible standards of ownership, accountability, and implementation so that access can be provided for the exchange of information and to enable and support sustainable innovation and scientific research

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